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Greetings! KSK here.

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To that end, I promise not to bombard you with crap. Ever.
I keep your info 100% private. I will NEVER sell, rent or share it with anyone else.

After all, my goal is to keep you on board for as long as possible,
and provide you with coolness and value,
so pissing you off would be kinda counter-productive, wouldn't it?

However, if you ever do want to quit, you can do so with just one click.
There is an UNSUBSCRIBE BUTTON at the bottom of every email.
Speaking of emails…

One Small Job...

I have one small job for you, just to be sure you actually GET my emails. Please CHECK YOUR INBOX. If you don't see an email immediately, it should arrive shortly (generally, in less than 5 minutes but never more than 10). If you see the Welcome email, we're good to go and there's nothing to worry about. You're set.

If you DON'T see it, please check your Bulk/Spam boxes. Some email services will spam emails they don't recognize. Look for an email with a subject line starting with: “[BOK] Welcome.” Please mark as “Not Spam” or suchlike (if your provider gives you a button like that) and then WHITELIST MY ADDRESS/SITE so you get future emails (click the link if you don't know how).

I'm WORKING LIKE HELL (pun intended) on my new novel, TRUMP IN HELL. It's going along pretty well…
All things considered. Which frankly, is saying a lot. I won't go into all the ugly details here.
Look for a link in an email from me soon for your FREE CHAPTER.
(another reason to go through the steps above)…

I'd love some feedback, too. 🙂

TRUMP in HELL - A Darkly Comic Novel of Cosmic Justice - COMING SOON! Promo Art

If you like what I'm doing and want to support my work, please BUY ME A DRINK.
Gawd knows, in this day and age, for a full range of reasons, I really need it. Thanks.

Please click the coffee cup below!

BTW, the TRUMP IN HELL art is by my talented friend Mann, of Check his stuff out.
Supporting him indirectly supports me, too, so be generous if you can.

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