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Trump Said He Would Own the Shutdown. Whither Qanon? Pt. 1 of Trump Mouth

trump qanon exposed pt 1

About the same time Trump said he would own the shutdown, I put v1.1 of QANON & TRUMP EXPOSED to bed. It's my “magnum opus,” deconstruction and dissolution of the Trump Qanon conspiracy, and commentary on what I call “Trump mouth”—uncontrolled lies told with absolute shameless abandon. The book is now available on Amazon Kindle and shortly as a paperback, too, for for those of you who would like a physical book. 🙂 I'd love it if you'd check it out and leave me some feedback here. 

Great reviews you would leave over on Amazon. 😉 And please do, as (not unexpectedly), I'm getting slagged by Trumpers. 


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While I was working on it, thinking about Trump, the Trump mouth, and the whole shebang in general, I was half-listening to POTUS' first address from the oval office. We're two freakin' years into his pathetic excuse for an administration and he's just now deigned to speak directly to the American people. Sorta shows where we rate, doesn't it?

The subject of this thoroughly uninspiring “fireside chat” was his insipid, lame-brained Wall, and why Congress should fund it. Um… excuse me, Donny Boy… but wasn't Mexico going to do that? 

Trump Said He Would Own The Shutdown—Pure Genius in Action!

We're 18 days into the so-called furlough—the partial shutdown of the federal government—at a YUGE impasse of Trump's own making (of course). Approximately 800,000 federal workers will miss their first paychecks Friday since this ridiculous extortive snit began. And to think, all it took to create this mess was irate phone calls from Rush Limbaugh and Ann Coulter.

A budget deal had been signed, sealed and delivered by Congress before year's end. Everything was hunky-dory. Supposedly. Then the Teaparty/Far rightwingnut/QAnon fringe got worked into a froth. They want their wall, after all! And Trump said he would own the shutdown, compounding his ever-growing list of problems.

The pundits are saying now that if this thing goes on through the weekend, it will be the longest U.S. government shutdown in history. Thank you, Rush. Thank you, Ann. Thank you, Donald. You ginormous un-American pieces of shit. Trump said he would own the shutdown, and indeed he will—for all time. 

I can't help but think about all the families whose holidays were ruined by this dunderhead-driven debacle. But it's worse than just Uncle Sam's children who are being hurt here. Next week, all sorts of terrible shit starts to happen. And it's even worse for all the companies and workers who depend on government contracts. Unlike government employees, these hard working folks will never get back pay. They're just flat out screwed.

Trump said he would own the shutdown. He did. The idiot. On behalf of all the millions of American people hurt, I want to thank you, once again, Comrade Bonespurs, for putting your churlish, childish inanity and Trump Mouth before the welfare of the very people you're supposed to serve. 

trump said he would own the shutdown ann coulter stupid girl

trump said he would own the shutdown rush limbaugh lie congress

Trump Has NOT Said He Would Own Qanon, The Great Awakening, The Storm or the War Against the Deep State!

Despite making one of the dumbest, most destructive moves any POTUS ever made,  Trump has never said word one about what will be, according to fanatic adherents, his greatest achievement. That being, his work with Q in taking down the Deep State, starting the Great Awakening or being at the forefront of The Storm. At this pass—with his popularity steadily dwindling and local, state and federal investigations mounting, you'd think he would need to. After all, he doesn't understand much, but he does understand the power of distraction. Hell, this is his main (and perhaps only) political strategy. 

Trump said he would own the shutdown, but seems to want no part of the greatest, most patriotic and heroic venture since the Revolution itself? I mean, defeating these horrifying unAmerican monsters (Democrats) and saving the Republic would surely rank Trump among the greats, amplify the power of his diminishing brand, and even put his mug on Mount Rushmore. Yet he says absolutely nothing at all. The loudest bigmouth and braggart of all time. Kind of strange, don't you think?




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