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Trump Qanon Nonsense. Thither Qanon! Pt. 3 of Trump Mouth

trump qanon exposed pt 3

So here's the “aha” I had last night regarding the Trump Qanon question. It goes like this:

If Trump really was allied with Q, and they really were taking down the Deep State together, the Great Orange Gasbag simply would not be able to control himself!

Even if, for all the correct reasons, he could curtail his runaway and run amok mouth for a short period of time… we're two years into his farcical, foot-in-mouth, fratricidal administration. With all the bad news Trumpers have had to deal with since day one — all the debacles and disasters and embarrassment along the way which Trump has brought upon himself — the Corruptor in Chief would undoubtedly know it was time and past time to show he has accomplished something. Anything. 

Other than that wonderful multi-trillion dollar giveaway to the rich he and the GOP rammed through Congress. You know, the “tax cut” you and yours and theirs will be paying for, forever. 

And what bigger accomplishment could there be than doing major damage to an evil, global criminal cartel which eats babies? 


Stick that in your Trump mouth and suck it. Uh… ewww.

Loose Lips and Poor Impulse Control Prove A Trump Qanon Connection?

I mean, the baddies of the Deep State — according to QAnon, of course — make ISIS, Al Qaeda, the Taliban, Al-Fatah and Hezbollah seem like total pussies by comparison! We know how much Trump likes to brag about “destroying ISIS” — when in fact he hasn't — but what's a few more lies between frenemies? And we also know how much he likes to grab pussies, which means this Save America from Evil Liberals (i.e. the Deep State) thing should be a no brainer—which should actually be a relief, since the Corruptor in Chief doesn't have much of one. 

Besides, Obama had Osama (Bin Laden), and the Trumpenfuhrer can't  stand the idea that The Black Guy has anything over him. So…

Mr. Poor Impulse Control simply would not be able to shut up. The Trump mouth and so-called brain doesn't work that way!

He'd be bragging about taking down the Deep State every chance he got. Herr Twitler would be singing his own praises even more interminably than heretofore. Wouldn't this be the “winning” he told us we'd be sick of?

Makes sense, doesn't it? Am I right or what? 

TRUMP MOUTH font of all lies, but strangely, not Trump Qanon nonsense. Hmmm.

The Trump Mouth, Deconstructed

In short, if Trump and Q were peas in a the same pod, Donny Boy would have long since blurted out something about it… if not gone off on on self-congratulatory rant. Repeatedly. And often.

Or blown up Twitter. Again. 

Frankly, I'm of the opinion you wouldn't be able to shut him up about it. Ever. It would be all he would talk about, and it would be his greatest achievement — at least that's the way he'd see it in his tiny, diseased little mind. 

Well, at least until the Great Wall of Trump got built, and the Republicans finished off the job of finishing off America. Sorry. I digress…

And yet… so far… to this point… after all this time… two years in…

There is nothing on Trump Qanon from the idiot's own constantly spewing Mar-A-Lago-sized chocolate cake hole!

Nada. Zilch. Zero. Bupkis. As in nothing. Dead silence from the font of all lies… excuse me, the font of all knowing and what is worth knowing: Trump mouth. 

I mean, not a word? Not a peep? Nary even a hint (supposed QAnon “proofs” via drops notwithstanding)? Not a slip o' the tongue? Really? How likely is that for the impulsive, erratic, ever out-of-control Lip-flapper in Chief, the guy who blurts out national secrets to enemy diplomats, just so he can look like a big shot?  

This is, quite clearly to my mind, more proof (admittedly circumstantial, but strong) that the whole Trump Qanon story is nothing but a total turd fest. This is in keeping with everything else spewing from the Trump mouth. After 8000+ lies, all the man does—all he can do—is talk shit. 

What do you think? Let me know in the comments below…

There's a lot more where the above came from, including direct refutations of the supposed “proof” offered by Q-oids, in my book QANON & TRUMP EXPOSED. Check it out!

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