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TRUMP IN HELL – Guardian Angels

TRUMP IN HELL is an experiment in both the serialized novel form, and in self-crowdfunding. Find out more here. This page publicly recognizes those special folks who supported this endeavor from the very beginning.* Names are added on a “first come, first serve” basis, having nothing to do with membership level.

NOTE: I don't know exactly when it will be, but the Guardian Angel “program,” such as it is, will eventually be CLOSED—hopefully sooner, rather than later (this would mean support is coming in).


Franklin Black • Melinda Forman • S. Weinstein • Patricia Martinez • ARCHON
Mac R. • Joe the Baptist • R. Dobson • Carter • Kerry Teal • A. Stengel
Louis Cyphere • Deb W. • Mark Mayhew • Angelina Sorda • Paul Shorter
Jenna Wald • Jack Thaman • Lucky • Phil Maclusky • J.P. Doctrow • Deacon T.

*As with Sustaining Member benefits, six months worth of support at any Sustaining Member level is required in order to stay on this “placard” forever. This is to prevent “cheating.” However, as a sign of good faith on my behalf (ain't I swell?), your name/nickname will be placed here immediately, along with Contributing Members. It is only subject to removal if you “bail out” early, and can be restored if you come back in and “catch up.”

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