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Essential Trump Facts, Qanon Conspiracy, Russiagate Info

Introduction & Index

In the course of writing QANON & TRUMP EXPOSED (QTE) I ended up doing a lot research to find all the Trump Qanon facts I could. Because of the way the book was originally written (letters to a friend of mine), I didn't go to great lengths to cite every statement, nor did I end up linking them directly in the text as I probably should have done. Had I set out to write a book, I would have. Sigh. Perhaps in a future edition (if there is one), I'll try to correct the oversight(s). In the meantime, I hope this reference section will help those wondering about statements made about TrumpCo, et al. 

This page is hardly all-encompassing or encyclopedic. For each section, I could have added a dozen more entries—at least! In this regard, it is really more of a “short course” or “fact sheet,” rather than an exhaustive report, but I think for most it will more than suffice to establish the basic “trump facts.”

Going forward, I may add to, update and revise this section as time goes on, so BOOKMARK IT for future reference, if you care. Drop me a note (or comment below) if you think I missed something important or if you have a reference or information that you think I should add.  

On My Opinion of Trump & Qanon

As I have said elsewhere and in the intro to QTE, I make no bones about my opinion of Donald Trump. That being said, it is an opinion formed by extensive research, reading, observation and thought. For instance, when I call him a criminal and probable traitor, I do not use these highly charged terms lightly. Further, I believe the evidence for use of such is overwhelming to anyone with a fair and open mind.

All that being said, some will undoubtedly accuse me (and have) of simply being partisan. I'm actually a registered independent, so in reality it is not simply a matter of taking a partisan position. Believe me when I say I'm no died-in-the-wool, ardent Democrat. After what the party did to Bernie Sanders in the 2016 primary, I'll never go back. For many years of my life (pre-woke), I was a Republican. So I try to call 'em like I see 'em, regardless of the party affiliations involved. But the most salient factor of all is fairness and balance (not to be confused with a certain propaganda network which uses something similar—and completely disingenuously—as it's slogan). If I call someone a criminal, it's because there is an enormous amount of evidence for it. Unlike Donald J. Trump, I don't disparage someone without serious cause. And in this case, the Trump Qanon facts are what they are.

In Trump's case, as relates to his criminality, there is even proven-in-a-court-of-law kind of evidence. Trump University, of which Donny Boy was owner and bossman, was shut down by the State of New York and found guilty of fraud. Thousands of customers were conned and ripped off. It's as simple as that. The President-Elect (yes, he was almost in office when the verdict came down) was ordered to pay $25 million in restitution.

Parenthetically, I don't believe this was nearly enough. IMHO, there should have been a punitive sanction ten times the amount of restitution ($250 million will even get a billionaire's attention). Further, criminal charges should have been lodged against individuals, not just the overall operation—and that would include Herr Trump. But I digress, and I think you can see my point. 

People who know me will tell you that I am and have been extremely critical of Dems over the years, too, particularly “limousine liberals” and corporatists. For instance, in 2016 I was well into an expose on Hillary Clinton's email scandal, and how I believed she should be charged with multiple counts of felony gross negligence (at the very least). Unfortunately, I was overtaken by events with the Comey announcement, and the project was abandoned.

The point is, I try very hard to be fair. I'm hard, I think, but fair. I go where the weight of evidence leads me, and the Trump Qanon facts are pretty undeniable if you're not a Qult member. Unfortunately for Q-oids, the facts, research and all indications lead me away from the Qanon narrative—Trump is our hero/savior—and towards the damnably conventional. That being, in simplest terms: Trump is a crook, and Qanon is a scam. 

The only question now is, just how much of a crook is Donald Trump? There is no question about Qanon whatsoever.

NOTE: There are no links to Washington Post articles here, as otherwise there should have been. Unfortunately, WaPo has gone to a subscription-based model, i.e. they have a pay wall. This means if you aren't a customer, you can't read the content, and you can't access the paper's fine work on Trump and related subjects. As I know the vast majority of readers will not be subscribers, I've decided to forgo posting links to the site.

To the extent possible, I have quoted factual information. In the case of Trump and his wealth, speculation is unavoidable, as the man himself is not a reliable source of information.  

Trump Facts, Qanon Conspiracy, Russiagate References – Articles, Info, Opinion. More… 

Trump facts mean nothing to Qanon Crowd at rally.

• What Is QAnon? The Conspiracy Theory Tiptoeing Into Trump World
NPR – Click here.

• The Storm Is the New Pizzagate — Only Worse
This article, from Dec. 2017, covers the early days of Qanon, as it grew out of the deplorable, desperate and disturbed Pizzagate conspiracy theory. Very interesting. 
NY MAGAZINE – Click here.

• Inside the 25,000 sealed indictments fueling the QAnon conspiracy
This is a very important article, as it explains how the total BS story of thousands of sealed indictments was used to fuel the explosive growth of the Qanon mythos. As of last “count,” the total is over 60,000. Which would be scary, except for the fact that the count is way off, and in any event, the indictments in question have NOTHING to do with Trump's supposed secret war against the so-called Deep State.
DAILY DOT – Click here.

• Qult Headquarters
The heights of Qanon hullabaloo were reached, in part, because of Reddit—one of the most popular social media and news discussion sites in the world. At one point, Qanon fanatics (known as Qult members/Qultists) had several of the most trafficked and talked-about discussion groups on the whole site. But as the Qanon claims became ever more extreme and controversial—and Qultists began to act out in the real world—there was a huge backlash from the rest of the Reddit community.

Long time Redditors felt that their beloved site was going the way of extremist conspiracy message boards from the deep web (it was). Bad behavior was getting totally out of hand, up to and including death threats being made against those who doubted the whole Q mythos. As a result, site ownership had no choice but to get involved, and ultimately it was decided to shut all pro-Qanon boards down. Which only left a few Qanon-related boards. But Qult Headquarters is, IMHO, one of the best, as it is dedicated to showing—with damnable facts and empirical evidence—that Qanon is nothing but hogwash. 

• r/EnoughTrumpSpam
Another Reddit group, dedicated to all things Trump. It has a searingly harsh Qanon thread. For instance:

QAnon is Trumpgret fanfiction.

Trump voters are so fucking distraught about being conned by a retarded loser that they've invented a fan fiction whereby Trump is magically doing everything that they want, but it's all super secret and hidden with no proof at all, so even though it looks like he's an incompetent retard, if you connect all of the dots it's actually 17D Parcheesi and EVERYTHING WE EVER WANTED IS ABOUT TO HAPPEN AFTER THE RAPTURE!

This is a rapture cult meets depressed fanboi. —borkthegee

I second this assessment.

• Why Do So Many People Still Believe in Qanon?
RANNT – Click here.

• The Unbearable Sadness of QAnon
An article about the sad mental state of many Qanon believers, written by Mike Rothschild, a quality journalist who has made it an important part of his life's work to keep an eye on Qanon (and other extremist conspiracy theories). From his site, though you also find his stuff on The Daily Dot. Yes, he has a rather unfortunate last name, as anyone who has spent any time in Conspiracy World can tell (and he is well aware of it). I highly recommend his blog. 

QAnon’s true believers are devastated as the conspiracy theory goes down in flames – and it won’t end well
As I point out in QANON & TRUMP EXPOSED, one of the big problems for the Q conspiracy is that it's big-time predictions have all gone bust. Ooops. This hasn't prevented the most devout adherents from finding new and creative ways to pretend their entire ethos is still valid—just as good cultists should—but so it goes. This article from Nov. 2018 pulls few punches on the Trump Qanon facts vs. fantasy question. 
ALTERNET – Click here.

• Failed Prophecies Won’t Stop Trump’s True Believers
A great article that gets into the psychology of Qult members. 
FOREIGN POLICY – Click here.

• Down the rabbit hole of outlandish conspiracy theories
STUFF – Click here.

• Online Conspiracy Groups Are a Lot Like Cults
An interesting look at how cult-like groups form, especially online, and how Qanon has, in effect, become one. 
WIRED — Click here.

Trump Crimelines (Timelines)

The #TrumpCrimeFamily has been running scams for so long—and there are now so many investigations (journalistic and governmental)—that it's hard to keep track of them all. Timelines can be very helpful. 

Trump Facts - Timeline - Corruption to Collusion - The Moscow Project

• The Moscow Project
This one focuses on the Putin/Russia question.

• The Russia investigation and Donald Trump: a timeline from on-the-record sources
This one is not nearly so interesting as the others (graphically speaking), but is kept up to date and loads fast! 
POLITIFACT – Click here.

• The Trump-Russia Timeline
Perhaps the best of the timelines, combining images and a factual summary with every entry.
JUST  SECURITY – Click here.

• President Donald Trump Timeline
My second favorite of the timelines, but unfortunately, it only begins in Jan. 2017. Still, the fact that the latest events are at the top, rather than the bottom (no scrolling) is useful. 

• The PBS NewsHour Russia Timeline
In the form of a Google Docs spreadsheet, this timeline may not be the slickest looking, but it may well be the most useful for cross-referencing all the major players with specific events. 
PBS – Click here

 • Wikipedia Timelines
Wikipedia has the advantage of being independently created outside of “establishment” channels, by interested individuals who volunteer their time. It also has the disadvantage of same. As a timeline is relatively hard to skew for partisan bias, these seem more or less OK to me. I admit I haven't “fact checked” WikiP, but these have been useful.
Timeline of investigations into Trump and Russia (2019)
Timeline of investigations into Trump and Russia (2018)
Timeline of investigations into Trump and Russia (2017)

Trump's Lies

A particularly notable characteristic of the Trump administration is the degree to which it lies. Never before in American history have we seen a #POTUS and a #WhiteHouse engaged in non-stop, around-the-clock lying. It's a first! A real accomplishment! One for the history books! Clearly, this is something his grandchildren will be proud of. Ahem. Anyway, it is said the fish rots from the head, which explains much.

To say that Donald Trump is a prolific liar is perhaps the understatement of all time. He lies at a breathtaking, astonishing rate. By latest count (at the time of this writing) he's at over 10,000 lies in total (June 2019), and now at a clip of over thirty lies per day, on average. 

Now none of this is to suggest he's a good liar. He isn't. His lies are usually transparently bad, and often so insipid and stupid, even his most ardent devotees doubt them. In fact, he's such a terrible liar, he often contradicts himself within the same paragraph—if not the same sentence. That is, if the word salad escaping the Trump Mouth can be considered to have form of any kind. 

NOTE: He has gotten better at delivering coherent words (“the best words”) from a teleprompter. But when it comes to extemporaneous speech, look out! 

Frankly, as I have said elsewhere, I'd have a lot more respect for him if he was a good lair! But then again, being a good liar requires a modicum of self-control and the ability to plan ahead and strategize—abilities which are sorely lacking in Comrade Bonespurs. 

Most experts who have studied Trump's behavior consider him a pathological lair, an opinion with which I agree. What makes someone a pathological lair is that he or she has an uncontrollable compulsion to lie; this kind of person will lie when it's unnecessary, when it's counterproductive to do so, and even when doing so is not in his or her best interest. We see this with Trumpenfuhrer every single day. 

“Trump's willingness to bend and break the truth isn't new. Since becoming a candidate for president way back in 2015, Trump has shown a remarkable capacity for creating his own reality, a reality that often doesn't comport with established facts. The pace at which he misleads has increased as his presidency has gone on. So too has his willingness to directly question the idea of whether capital “T” truth even exists.” – Chris Cillizza, CNN

• Washington Post fact-checker says Trump has ‘now hit 10,000' lies as president
Glenn Kessler of the Washington Post, like Daniel Dale below, has a “real job” as a journalist, but he's also got a time-sucking “hobby”—keeping track of the Trump Mouth's mendacious spewings. Originally, Kessler and the WaPo staff used a 1 to 4 Pinocchio rating system, which seemed solid enough. Then came The Donald. In 2018, this necessitated creation of a special category just for him; the Bottomless Pinocchio. Reserved for especially vile lies and those repeated over and over again, it has been used quite a few times since.  
The Hill – Click here.

• Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC)
A non-profit with a focus on the environment, NRDC has kept track of Trump's lies pertaining to science and ecology—and there are a lot of those, too. All other criticism aside, he is an appallingly, willfully stupid man. 
NRDC – Click here.

• Fact Check
An in-depth examination of some of Trump's most repeated and significant lies. Also a great resource for checking the veracity of the statements of other public figures. — Click here.

• Daniel Dale's Trump Checks
Don't trust those “fake news” American sources? Daniel Dale, a Canadian journalist, has made a name for himself internationally as a truly independent, objective Trump fact checker. That being said, he's come to the same conclusion as everyone else. That being: POTUS lies a lot! He says the total is more like 5000 lies, rather than the 10,000 of Politifact. But so what? We can quibble about what is an outright lie versus a distortion versus an exaggeration (etc.), which will lead to different counts. But at the end of the day, there's no doubt Donald J. Trump is the most prolific liar in modern times—and perhaps of all time.

Note (again) that I did not say he is a good liar—just a prolific one. This is yet another Trumpian “accomplishment” on his never-ending quest to be “bigger” and “better” than anyone else, if only another very dubious one. 
TORONTO STAR – Click here. 

• Donald Trump lies more often than you wash your hands every day
CNN – Click here.

Investigations Into Trump, His Family & Associates

Trump Investigation - Convictions and Indictments

• Trump Investigations
A great source for the latest info on the various Trump investigations.
AP NEWS – Click here.

• Factbox: Guilty pleas, indictments abound in Trump-Russia probe
REUTERS – Click here.

• A Complete Guide To All 17 (Known) Trump And Russia Investigations
WIRED – Click here.

• Everyone caught up in the Trump investigations
AXIOS – Click here.

• Trump's scandals: An unprecedented president
AL JAZEERA — Click here.

Donald Trump's Wealth (Hint: It Isn't “$10+ Billion”)

Trump Tax Returns Show 2005 Income Of $153M, Taxes Of $38M
Forbes – Click here.

• Following Trump's money exposes the awful truth: Our president is a ‘financial vampire'
L.A. Times – Click here.

• David Cay Johnston: What Is Trump Hiding in His Tax Returns?
The Nation – Click here.

• Trump Engaged in Suspect Tax Schemes as He Reaped Riches From His Father
This is absolute blockbuster reporting here, the result of over a year's worth of sleuthing by a dedicated, expert team of journos, detailing a multi-generational pattern and practice of fraud within the Trump family business. The team had access to hitherto secret Trump family business records, and what they found is shocking. It's also why, in part, I believe Donald Trump refuses to release his tax returns, despite countless promises to do so.

In short, what this epic investigation showed is that the State of New York and the federal government have been cheated out of tens, probably hundreds of millions of dollars in taxes over the course of fifty years or more! BTW, this also means you and I were cheated by Donald Trump, Fred Trump and the entire Trump enterprise.  The rest of us get to make up the difference because TrumpCo is too special to pay it's fair share.
NEW YORK TIMES – Click here.

Note on Entry Above

I only make the final point above, in this day and age, as there seems to be a disconnect for many between taxes paid and services rendered. It is clear that our education system has truly become a tool of the ruling class, as people no longer seem to understand that taxes are critically important to society. This may have something to do with the persuasive right wing propaganda of decades which has thoroughly poisoned the minds of the masses into seeing taxes as “evil,” and those who somehow dodge them as heroes to be admired. 

To be clear, nobody likes paying taxes, and reasonable people can argue about how much is “fair.” But there seems to be a pervasive sophomoric ideology on the right that taxes are theft, when in fact taxes are the price we all pay for having a functioning society—roads, schools, bridges, police, courts, food safety inspectors, public health officers, etc., etc., etc.. In any event, it's clear the Trumps are just another entitled, elite criminal clan which believes taxes are only for suckers, i.e., those who can't afford armies of accountants, lawyers and lobbyists. 

Donald Trump, Businessman

• Most Americans think Trump is a successful businessman. Until they learn about his losses.
USA TODAY — Click here.

• The Worst Businessman in America

• Trump Lost a Billion Dollars in Business, Which Seems Bad for a Businessman President
ESQUIRE—Click here.

• Trump exaggerated wealth, hid debts as a businessman: report
THE HILL—Click here.

VANITY FAIR—Click here.

When the true history of Donald Trump's business history is written, I believe (and the evidence seems to support) that he will be shown as the worst businessmen of all time. Between his frauds and his failures, the net losses are truly staggering sums. In the BILLIONS! This dubious accolade will be a match for history's view of him as POTUS, as there is little doubt he will be seen as the worst president of all time. 

I'm of the opinion that had it not been for Trump's foreign friends, he'd have long since been wiped out and serving time for massive, serial fraud (it's clear he has lied and lied again, for decades, to insurance companies, lenders, the tax man, etc. — all federal crimes). Perhaps he'd even be celling with Bernie Madoff, as the two seem made for each other. 

When one studies the Trumpenfuhrer's business acumen—I mean, really studies it—it's clear he has the exact opposite of the Midas Touch. Long time (now former) Republican party poobah and insider Rick Wilson has even written a book which makes this point in great and gory detail: EVERYTHING TRUMP TOUCHES DIES. Let's hope he is incorrect when it comes to the USA as a whole! 

Donald Trump's Education & Background

Wharton School of Business, University of Pennsylvania

• Why Penn Won’t Talk About Donald Trump
Before Trump went to Wharton, he attended Fordham. By all accounts, he was not a great student at either school, but the stringent Wharton entrance requirements were bypassed by transferring in. Despite his claims to have attended the elite School of Business and Finance on the grounds of Wharton (itself located at University of Pennsylvania), he did not not. He got a standard four year  degree.

He did not graduate “top of his class” or with an MBA. The University, at first excited that an alum was front and center on the national stage, now considers The Donald a profound embarrassment.
POLITICO – Click here.

• Here’s What The Wharton School Of Business Really Thinks Of Donald Trump
HUFFPO – Click here.

• Was Trump really a top student at Wharton? His classmates say not so much

• Donald Trump has always expressed love for authoritarian leaders, but we failed to listen
USA TODAY – Click here.

• Donald Trump ‘kept book of Adolf Hitler's speeches in his bedside cabinet'
INDEPENDENT U.K – Click here.

• Trump as Empty Suit: A Brilliant Essay/Opinion Piece About Just Who and What Donald Trump Really is. 
LITERARY HUB – Click here.

Trump University

Greed Never Sleeps TRUMP UNIVERSITY GRADUATE Anti Trump Merch

My good friend Mann – who has helped this site so much with freakin' GREAT graphics – loathes and despises Trump as much as I do (which is saying something). He's an accomplished artist, and he hates Trump so much, it inspired him (if you can all it that) to create a series of sharp-edged, searing anti Trump t shirts, including a set for Trump University, one of which is shown here (my personal favorite). You should check 'em all out. And when you support Mann, you're indirectly supporting this site, too. So have at it! CLICK THE IMAGE ABOVE to see more of Mann's work.

Donald Trump has been involved with many shady operations over the years. He's been involved with and surrounded himself with questionable characters for decades. Virtually all of his non-real estate ventures have ended in tears—more-so for others than for himself, though you'd never know it from his cringeworthy self-pity.

He's screwed-over countless workers and contractors. And he's defrauded so many financial institutions in the U.S., the only one which will touch him is Deutsche Bank, and it has a very unsavory reputation on it's own.

The Trump facts, as unflattering as they are, are simply the “Trump facts.” You don't have to like them, but they are what they are. I'm of the opinion that the German bank is actually a middle-man for Russian money laundering, and as more unpleasant truth emerges every day, this is looking to be the case. In short, Trump continues to get money from Deutsche Bank—even though he's screwed them too (repeatedly)—because the Mafiya wants it that way. 

When Trump faced his multiple bankruptcy scares after the collapse of his “gambling empire,” his name was so bad, nobody in the West would loan him money anymore. Yet, somehow, the guy who was nearly TWO BILLION DOLLARS IN DEBT landed on his feet again! This miraculous transformation is old hat, but it begs the question as to how he did it and what compromises had to be made.

Of course, we know now that he began doing business with one-time communist turned capitalist kleptocrat oligarchs, and you can be sure they didn't loan hundreds of millions of dollars to an infamous incompetent and flake out of the goodness of their steely Russian hearts. 

Which leads me, indirectly, to Trump University, a scam run by Donny Boy to defraud his fellow Americans who were foolish enough to believe the hype and think that a “real” billionaire (which Trump is not and never has been) was going to instruct them in the secret ways of wealth through real estate.

“While Trump University claimed it wanted to help consumers make money in real estate, in fact Trump University was only interested in selling every person the most expensive seminars they possibly could. Based upon my personal experience and employment, I believe that Trump University was a fraudulent scheme, and that it preyed upon the elderly and uneducated to separate them from their money.” — Ronald Schnackenberg, Former Trump University Salesman

As I point out in QTE, if there is any one single thing which exposes the soul of Donald Trump, it's Trump University. He set out to rip people off, and in so doing, ruin them. This was not a nickle-and-dime fraud, either. He cheated pensioners and others who could ill afford it out of everything they had—the starting tuition was $30K—on the premise that it would lead to “instant success” in big-league real estate.

I'm not the first to point out that A) an honest businessman would never had gotten involved in such an endeavor to begin with (of course, we know Trump is anything but honest), and B) a real billionaire would and could never be bothered by a “penny ante” “two bit” scheme like Trump University, which is further circumstantial evidence that Donny-boy is not nearly as rich as he claims. 

If after learning about what Trump did in this scam, you continue to believe he is anything other than an utterly despicable amoral conman (at best), you are either non compos mentis, too dimwitted to get it, or simply one of the suckers a guy like Trump is always on the lookout for (in which case, he'll be glad to take your money—send some now!). The Trump facts as regards Trump University are simply undeniable, which puts his supporters in a morally untenable position, to say the least.

• $25M deal over Trump University fraud lawsuits moves forward
AP NEWS – Click here.

• Trump U staff included drug trafficker, child molester

• Judge finalizes $25 million Trump University settlement for students of ‘sham university'
USA TODAY – Click here.

• Trump University: It's Worse Than You Think
THE NEW YORKER — Click here.

“One thing is clear, though. If the revelations about Trump University don’t do any damage to Trump, it’s time to worry—or worry even more—about American democracy.” – John Cassidy, June 2016, from the New Yorker article listed above. Yes John, we're very f'n worried!

Donald Trump's Sex Crimes

Most Americans believe Donald Trump is a creep. It's commonly understood that he's an adulterer. His words and deeds show he's a misogynist and sexist. But many of us believe it's worse than that. Far, far worse. And sadly, there is plenty of evidence to support this belief. Once again, the Trump facts are worse than fiction. 

Over 20 credible women have come forward since 2015 to describe how he behaved inappropriately towards them, ranging from bursting into dressing rooms to unwanted advances to outright sexual assault. We know he carried on an affair with Karen McDougal while Melania was pregnant with Barron Trump, and slept with Stormy Daniels shortly after his wife gave birth. The infamous hush money payments made through Michael Cohen (in which Trump is now an unindicted felony co-conspirator) are proof positive of his philandering, despite many quasi-denials.

The infamous Access Hollywood tape, in which our dear leader told Billy Bush that his favorite technique upon meeting women he fancied was to force sloppy wet kisses on them and “grab 'em by the pussy,” has become a key piece of circumstantial evidence against Trump's protestations of innocence, as what was described dovetails perfectly with more than a few known incidents.

One of these now includes outright rape. 

Just a few days ago (as I write this on June 28, 2019), another very credible woman came forward—author and columnist E. Jean Carroll—recounting her assault and  rape at the hands of Donald Trump. Not surprisingly, the man-baby defaulted to his usual denials; he doesn't know the woman, and in any event, she “wasn't his type.” That a photo proved he knew her made no difference at all to the Pathological Liar in Chief. After all, he lives in his own fantasy universe and never met a fact he couldn't and wouldn't dismiss as “fake news.”

Perhaps one day, he will be able to tell himself that the orange prison jumpsuit is actually Brioni

There is ample reason to believe that Carroll's charge is true. The man's past behavior strongly suggests that it might be. His second wife, Ivanna, accused him of a violent rape during their marriage. Interestingly enough, she claimed it was his vanity that set the rampage off. Donny-boy was unhappy with the cosmetic surgery performed to help conceal his growing baldness, and took out his ire on his wife, whose doctor had done the work. During their final divorce settlement, with $1 million on the line, Ivanna retracted her charge via a letter clearly written by one of Donald's lawyers, but nobody believed the sexual assault hadn't happened.  

More than a few of the other cases, while not outright rapes, have demonstrated Donald Trump's aggression and propensity for violence against women. 

But the most damning thing of all is that E. Jean Carroll's allegations come complete with two other credible witnesses. It seems that, even though she did not go to the police as one of her friends urged her to do, she did confide in them shortly after the assault occurred. This established the veracity of her claim, though it's clear nothing will come of it. Once again, Donald Trump has danced (completely unwittingly) between the rain drops, because A) the statute of limitations has run on this crime, despite the fact that New York state recently disposed of that law (it doesn't apply retroactively), and B) Carroll has said she is not interested in pursuing legal action against the President. 

Still, it's obvious to anyone with a clear head, an open heart and a sense of fairness and objectivity that Donald Trump is a man who should probably be in prison. Or if not that, on the sex offender roles. Age may have reduced his danger to women (we can only hope), but on this score, as on so many others, he is utterly unfit to hold office. 

• The 24 women who have accused Trump of sexual misconduct

• List of Trump's accusers and their allegations of sexual misconduct
ABC NEWS — Click here.

• The president stands accused of rape, again
THE ECONOMIST — Click here.

• Kellyanne Conway’s Husband Says Rape Allegations Against Donald Trump Need to Be Treated Seriously
MOTHER JONES — Click here.

• A History of Sex and Abuse in the Trump Administration
ROLLING STONE — Click here.

Questions? Comments? Corrections? Concerns? Leave me a comment below!

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