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The Trump Brain Trust. Whither Qanon? Pt. 2 Of Trump Mouth

trump qanon exposed pt 2

If you've seen my report (I hesitate to call it a “book” 'cause it's really a very long form expository/persuasive essay at 49K words), you know that it's chock-a-block full of logical reasons why QAnon is a ridiculous conspiracy theory, and just flat out “fake news.” Among these is that the “Trump brain trust” simply isn't up to the task of saving America from the so-called Deep State. I also show why the supposed “proofs” of QAnon are anything but that. Anyway, every time I think I've put that bad boy to bed – it's finished, done, final, phew! — I think of yet another reason the whole QAnon thing is so stupid. 

It's too late to add it to the book, so here goes… 


He can't keep it shut. And history has shown, he can't keep a secret, either. He'll blurt things out any time, any place. In fact, the only reason I believe he hasn't blown massive big secrets of the USG wide open is because A) he doesn't read the PDB (Presidential Daily Briefing), B) he is utterly incurious about the world, and so therefore does not inquire about “government secrets,” and C) they don't tell him shit. I know that Trump has the “biggest” and “best” brain of all time, but given one incredible, incompetent pratfall from his cabinet and this administration after another, one has to wonder if the President's inner circle is any smarter than the boss. 

Trump Brain Trust Blues

I mean, if you were a real government intelligence guy (or gal), would you tell Donald F'n Trump or his idiot cronies anything of real import? Would you tell him state secrets, with his track record, knowing that the odds are he'd spill 'em almost as soon as he learned 'em? No, of course you wouldn't. 

This goes to one of my major arguments in QANON & TRUMP EXPOSED, about Trump's competence (or lack thereof). But I (slightly) digress…  

Yep. Just like the President of the United States, in general, does not have clearance to visit Area 51, the current occupant of the White House is unaware of much of what is going on, because the intelligence agencies have made it their business to conceal as much as possible from him.

First, because the Idiot In Chief has been at war with them since day one.

Second, the Trump brain trust is a rogues gallery of other incompetent idiots, billionaire crooks, GOP grifters, self-serving stooges and unregistered foreign agents, if not outright traitors.

Taken together, it seems reasonable to me that there is much America's spies and spooks  haven't told him. Further, I'm positive there is much they have concealed from Trump that they would not have hidden from Obama, or any other POTUS for that matter. It just makes perfectly good and reasonable sense. 

trump brain trust

vladimir putin must obey law quote

No Brain, No Trust

Which is not to say there aren't things that were hidden from Obama and  other presidents. There are. In fact, there is much that is hidden in compartmentalized levels of security that are strictly “need to know,” and most of the time, the president doesn't.

In the case of Trump, he's literally too self-involved and dim to even ask—whilst the Trump brain trust is focused almost entirely on doing corporate Amerika's bidding and/or ripping us all off—which I'm sure is a great relief to those who would otherwise find themselves in a very difficult situation. I mean, how do you tell the President of the United States no? It's just a lot easier if he doesn't ask. 

Perhaps most important of all, blabber mouthiness aside, is that Trumpy-poo may well be a freakin' Russian asset, if not out-and-out traitor! Seriously. Among all the indicators and accumulating evidence which strongly indicates Trump's close association with Putin, you can add this:  he has long distance, long duration, presumably intimate calls with his BFF Vlad, of which no records are kept (though it's nearly a sure bet the NSA has them on tape).

Every time Trump and Putin meet, they have off-the-record discussions, too, in which no notes are even kept! This is absolutely unprecedented (and not in a good way) and sounds very much like conspirators conspiring and/or getting their stories straight. Doesn't it?

What's particularly frightening to any real American is that it appears more and more likely by the day that the Trump brain trust—for real—is composed of Vladimir Putin, Kim Jong Un, Xi Jinping, Recep Erdoğan and Mohammad bin Salman. “Good guys,” all. Just ask POTUS. 

So yeah. The CIA/NSA/DIA, etc. are not going to give the Idiot in Chief anything unless they absolutely have to. Go figure.

What Would Qanon Do?

By the same token, the very same super-dooper-uber-patriots who can't trust the Trumpenator not to blurt out state secrets, ruin everything he touches and just generally make a total fool out of himself (and Amerika), are suddenly going to do an about face, place the fate of the nation and the world in his tiny hands, and put him in charge of a secret war against the supervillains of the Deep State? Really? 

Would Qanon really rely on a total flake like Trump to save us all?

I think not. But who knows? Am I wrong? Do I have my head up my ass? What do you think?

NOTE: As an aside, imagine, for just one second, what the right wingnuts would have done if Obama had been having late night tete a tete's with a ruthless dictator who also happens to be the leader of a rival (if not enemy) power, one which engaged in cyber-warfare against the United States — one which possibly changed the outcome of an election! What would they have done had Obama's looked like the Trump brain trust? Do I really need to point out that they'd be twice… no, thrice… as batshit and hysterically insane as they already are? It's just more total conservo hypocrisy. Add it to the interminably long and always growing list.  




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