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Donald Trump Fascist: Excerpt from QANON & TRUMP EXPOSED

I've long believed Donald Trump is a self-deluded would be dictator. The Trump fascist evidence is extensive and grows by the day. His only known bedtime reading was Hitler's speeches, and he was often seen to parade around his rally stages like he had studied the mannerisms of Il Duce (Mussolini) and Der Fuhrer both. As a student of WWII and fascism, it was obvious to me—not to mention damn alarming—from day one. None of this, by itself, proves his fascist design. But just about every indicator I know of supports my theory. 

Ironically, I do believe the Great Orange Gasbag tells himself that he's a bigly American patriot. Whether even he really believes it or not, I cannot say. Recently, he proclaimed himself a proud nationalist, despite the term's quite unsavory connotations—or maybe because of them. Who knows? But one thing is very clear to me. Trump is as much a real patriot as he is a real billionaire. Which is to say, just barely—at best. It doesn't matter how many times he molests the flag to “prove” his selfless dedication. The Trump fascist inclination is obvious to see if one just opens his or her eyes—or the gawddamn newspaper. 

NOTE: Two years ago, the Stable Genius was claiming his net worth was “in excess” of $10 Billion when court records showed it was not even close to that. Now he's claiming poor mouth. Which is it, Donny? 

I'd bet $1000 that Trump hasn't the first clue as to what real patriotism means, or what it means to be a citizen in a republic, or even what a republic is. It would be like asking him to talk knowledgeably about the Bible, which he has comically failed to do, despite professing to be a devout Christian. You'd get a bunch of hemming and hawing about how great the whole thing is, but no actual evidence whatsoever that he knows the first thing about it. According to his former pastor, he never set foot once in church in five years. 

It's pretty clear to me that our pathetic POTUS swore an oath to “uphold and defend” a document he's never studied, doesn't understand, can't comprehend and couldn't be bothered with anyway.  

Oh, My Aching Feet

I mean, this is the guy who dodged the draft FIVE TIMES when young, actually patriotic men of every background were either going to ‘Nam or to Canada (yes, I believe resisting a bad war can be just as patriotic—if not more so—than going to fight in it). After all, it's been proven (see the PENTAGON PAPERS) that the U.S. was not in Vietnam purely for the altruistic, pro-democracy, anti-communist reasons we were told (and sold). Which sorta sounds familiar and strangely relevant today. But I digress…

Getting deferments in the first four cases for being “in school”—a dubious proposition, in the case of a flake like Trump, if ever there was one—and in the last case, for having “bone spurs,” was all engineered to keep him from having to go to boot camp, much less war. All the while (of course) he was goofing off, getting laid and playing tennis. There's little evidence he spent much time in school. His claims of being at the top of his class and graduating with a masters degree from the Wharton School of Business are total hogwash. He was known as an avid and perhaps even decent athlete. Presumably, he was learning and/or playing golf, too (no, I haven't researched that particular part of the Trumpy-poo saga). 

Robert Mueller also came from a well-to-do family. Unlike Donny Boy, he was (and is) a credit to his nation. Not only did he not dodge the draft, he enlisted in the Marines and ended a war hero. Unlike our Liar in Chief, he was an actual patriot, who understood what that meant and put his life on the line—repeatedly—and prove it. Unlike the Trump family, his was a lineage with actual, selfless public service in it's bones. I think it's safe to say any of the Founding Fathers who risked “life, liberty and sacred honor” in the Revolutionary War would have been proud to count Robert Mueller in their ranks. Not so much for the Man-baby. 

Trump's War

Meanwhile, the great selfless hero Donald Trump was fighting “his own personal Vietnam” to avoid the clap. Yes, the irrational scumbag has actually equated the perils of skirt-chasing with the dangers of war. What the fuck kind of full-blown head case moron….? But I digress again (sorry)… 

In Trump's mind, what's good for Trump is all that matters. Well, that and whatever his Russian handlers tell him to do. 

I believe Donny Boy is so fully batshit crazy and completely self-deluded, he may actually believe that he somehow is a patriot and serving the American people. I have no doubt that PutinCo appeals to his outsized vanity and fragile ego in such a way that it makes him feel good about himself—for at least a few minutes. Small Hands does Russia's bidding while convincing himself he's being a good president of the USA. 

It may go something like this: “You should end the sanctions against us, tovarish. They're hurting the American people and the Russian people. They were put in by Obama for corrupt purposes. You'd be doing your country a great favor by ending them. Da. Spasiba.”

Trump Fascist Behavior as Uber-Patriotism

Meanwhile, because he has no idea how our own system of governance actually works, and doesn't really care, he seeks to impose his wrong-headed will on the American people like a full blown autocrat (i.e. dictator). And for the first two years of his assaultive administration (“Grab 'em by the pussy!”), shameless cowardly enablers (calling Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan) and perfidious, treasonous quislings (calling Devon Nunez) have aided and abetted the petty tyrant by going along with his every whim, no matter how harebrained and insane. 

The whole while, he and his fellow travelers couch their unAmerican and unconstitutional activities in patriotism as fake as the Fox News propaganda they call truth, and in perfidy, betrayal and sanctimonious self-dealing which, when revealed, is decried as “fake news.” The Trump fascist reality is not a hypothetical. It's here, now. 

Here is an interesting article, from 2015, looking at the economic and historical precedents for fascism in general and the emergence of Trump—along classic fascist lines—in particular. The author, Jeffery A. Tucker, says of Trump: 

Yes, he is against the establishment, against existing conventions. It also serves as an important reminder: As bad as the status quo is, things could be worse. Trump is dedicated to taking us there.

He further goes on to say: 

Since World War II, the ideology he represents has usually lived in dark corners, and we don’t even have a name for it anymore. The right name, the correct name, the historically accurate name, is fascism. I don’t use that word as an insult only. It is accurate.

In the four years since this prescient article was written, can anybody seriously gainsay his words? 

Trump, Would Be Tyrant

In Donald Trump, the #Qanon crowd sees a man who is a champion, a hero, a savior. It seriously (to my mind) calls into question the awareness, level of denial, willful ignorance or even sanity of the average “Q person,” but it is what it is. Unfortunately, the “great man” has a penchant—some might say—fetish for authoritarians, dictators and tyrants. He's clearly indicated as much. The only Trumpian bed time reading we know of is Hitler's words

The good news is, 2/3 of the American people are against Trump and do not subscribe to his personal ideology of greed, hate and divisiveness. The bad news is, it typically only takes about 1/3 of a population—appropriately agitated and excited by a demagogue—to take control of a nation.

Few people know that the Nazi party was nearly finished by the early 1930's; it had lost badly in national elections, and held only a handful of seats in the Parliament. But it came roaring back on the heels of a bad economy in 1932.

People forget Adolf Hitler and the Nazis were elected into positions of power. Between the Nazis (supported by about 1/3 of the people) and the nationalists (another 1/3), right wingers took control of the Parliament. In 1933, as part of a compromise between different factions and the ailing President, Hitler was made Chancellor.

From this point forward, all other parties—communists, trade unionists, pro-democracy groups, Christian democrats, Jews, gays, gypsies, ethnic non-Germans, masons, etc.— were ruthlessly suppressed. A “national emergency” was declared, giving Hitler sweeping dictatorial powers, and not long after that, there was no Parliament, political parties (other than Nazi, of course) or a German republic. 

Free speech, the right to assemble, dissent… all were criminalized. The government functioned under the color of law—there were Nazi-controlled courts, after all—but it was all a sham. Police and military were merged, writs and warrants were entirely pro-forma, and “enemies of the state” were scooped off the street, never to be heard from again. If you ran afoul of the State (i.e. Nazis writ large) or simply were a score to be settled by someone with power, you were done. You might be shot, or tortured before being shot (or otherwise executed; the Gestapo loved guillotines, for instance), or shipped off to one of the sparkly, brand new concentration camps.

History has no exact parallels. But there is more than enough autocratic/authoritarian behavior from Trump and the Republicans to raise the alarm, don't you think? 

NOTE: For more info on Trump fascist facts, see my Trump Facts page


The following is an excerpt from QANON & TRUMP EXPOSED, my shocking and thorough-going deconstruction and destruction of the “Q conspiracy theory.” You can get the book at AMAZON, in Kindle and as a paperback. It's FREE through the Kindle Unlimited  program, too. Check it out! If you like the book, please leave a review on AMAZON, and feel free to comment on this page (below). 



Sinclair Lewis said: “When fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in a flag and carrying the cross.”


“The worst Fascists were they who disowned the word ‘Fascism' and preached enslavement to Capitalism under the style of Constitutional and Traditional Native American Liberty.”

The precious irony here, in this case, is that the would-be corporatist authoritarian (i.e. fascist)—an incompetent businessman lucky enough to be born into great wealth, the very un-Godly Traitor In Chief in the White House, who was said by his ex wife to have kept a copy of Hitler's speeches on the nightstand (apparently, he does enjoy certain kinds of reading)—is neither a patriot nor a Christian!

He just plays one on TV!

At least Bill Clinton had the good grace to go to church, Bible in hand, head bowed low, when he had offended the godly of this country. Trump can't be bothered—nor does his flock seem to even care!

The Man-baby pays lip service to God and country, of course. It's how he got elected. Which goes to the attributed quote of another famous American conman and carnival barker, P. T. Barnum:

“There's a sucker born every minute.”

Apparently, there are MILLIONS of suckers in Murica.

At absolute best, Trump is an empty suit. Unfortunately, empirical evidence shows he's far worse than that; he’s a greedy, self-dealing, venal, vain, arguably batshit crazy POS. He is nothing more than a pure opportunist, a conman who will do or say anything to trick his marks (in this case, the entirety of the American population) into giving him what he wants.

Hell (ahem), he might just be the anti-Christ!

That fundies and evangelicals could and continue to support this monstrous thug is utterly beyond me. The same could be said (and has been said) of those veterans who stand with him. These are men and women have actually been screwed by Comrade Bonespurs—and undoubtedly will be again.

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